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as an Individual

  • Set your fundraising goal to $25 (this is the registration fee).
  • Pay the $25 registration fee by making a $25 donation to your own JustGiving page. There is no obligation to fundraise.   

as a Team

  • Decide who will be your team administrator. They will be responsible for creating your Read-A-Thon team page.
  • Register your team and set the fundraising goal to $25 x the number of members in your team. (This is the registration fee.) Limit 6 members per team.
  • Share the team name with your team members so they can easily link to your team page.

Join our Read-A-Thon community group and get to know fellow readers. We have book chats, interactive games, readers’ reviews, weekly themes, and other exciting activities to elevate and share our reading adventures!

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